Cultural Program and Tutorials

Our rich cultural program allows students to increase the scope of their knowledge and interest in art and literature, film and scholarship produced in German. Events in the cultural program are great opportunities to interact with other language learners and native speakers of German, and we encourage students to participate as often as they are able. The weekly calendar includes a Kaffeeklatsch, where students get together in a casual atmosphere with native speakers to talk informally, practice their language skills in conversation and through board-games, and a movie screening once a week. We also regularly invite German authors and scholars for lectures and workshops and organize day-trips for students to attend German events and exhibits locally or in New York City. Exchange scholars from Germany and our own graduate student teaching fellows are often involved in planning and leading cultural events.

Each fall, students memorize poems written in German for a public recital at the end of the semester. Each spring, students dress up and stage scenes, perform songs, deliver monologues and jokes at the German Department Cabaret. These two events are run by Howard Stern. Come by his office (WLH 324) in the department to sign up.