Undergraduate Section Selection and Information German Language Courses

Spring 2015

Mandatory pre-registration for courses

All students who wish to take a German Language course in Levels L1 - L4 (GMAN 110, GMAN 120, GMAN 130, or GMAN 140), or Advanced German courses (GMAN 150, GMAN 160, or GMAN 173), must pre-register through Preference Selection during the Online Pre-registration period:

Start time: 8:30 am on December 8th

End time: 5:00 pm on January 8th

Student Notification: on January 10th

NOTE: For students who intend to enroll in Intensive German II (GMAN 145), which meets five days a week (for two hours on Monday-Thursday and one hour on Fridays) should register directly at OCS for the one section offered. All others follow the links below.

For students who still need to take the Department’s placement exam (only if you have prior knowledge of German):

Please contact the Language Program Director for information, Theresa Schenker (

For students who have already taken a German language course at Yale:
You will follow the link below for the next appropriate course in the sequence. For example, if you have already taken GMAN 110, you will follow the L2 preference selection link to register for GMAN 120.

Click on the link below to pre-register for levels L1-L4 (GMAN 110, GMAN 120, GMAN 130, or GMAN 140). You may only select the level into which you placed or which follows the course you have previously taken.

Click on the link below to pre-register for Advanced German classes (GMAN 150, GMAN 160, or GMAN 173). You may take more than one advanced class at the same time.


After entering your Yale NetID and Password, you will select your top 3 preferences from a list of available sections for your assigned level. Places will be assigned on the basis of a computerized selection.

Notice of assignments will be available on January 10th. You will again enter your Yale NetID and Password to find your section registration information.

To secure your place in the section, you must attend ALL meetings of the class. Instructors will start waiting lists the first day of classes, and any open seats will immediately be filled from the names on the waiting list.

If you missed the Online Pre-registration or were not assigned a section, or if scheduling changes make it necessary for you to switch to a different section, you should attend the desired section for placement on its waiting list.

You should also continue to attend your original section until you are sure that you have a place in another one.

You must attend the class each time it meets in order to remain on the waiting list.

Please contact Language Program Director Theresa Schenker if you have any questions.