Adrian Renner

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From 2008 to 2013, Renner studied comparative literature, German literature and philosophy at LMU München and finished with a Magister degree in Comparative Literature with a thesis on Walter Benjamin’s “Passagen-Werk”; in 2011/2012, Renner was visiting graduate student at the German Department at UC Berkeley; Renner has been a graduate student at Yale in the German department since 2013. Renner is interested in literature and philosophy in the long 18th century and the Weimar Republic era; the history of rhetoric, poetics, aesthetics and philology; in visual media, visuality and the phenomenology of imagination; the intellectual history of ‘theory’; and the novel. His dissertation project seeks to delineate the relation between narrative procedures and theories of form during the rise of the novel from 1750 to 1830, with a particular focus on the Bildungsroman, German Romanticism and Hegel’s philosophy.

Recent acedemic work:

- „Unform. Zur Epistemologie des Romans“, Workshop organized together with Wolfgang Hottner and Jan Lietz in conjunction with the PhD-Network “Poetologies of knowledge” (HU Berlin) and  the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School (FU Berlin), Berlin, June 2016

- “Mut und Mündigkeit. Zum Bezug auf Schiller und Kant in Hölderlins Dichtermuth-Oden und Blödigkeit” (Article manuscript completed, under review)

- „Picturing Prose (Flaubert/Goethe)“, presentation at the conference Speech unbound / Ungebundene Rede. On Prose and the prosaic, Deutsches Haus, New York University, October 2015

-  „Versuche über den Roman. Life and Literature after Lukács“, Co-Organizer, Graduate Student Conference, German Department, Yale University, April 2015

- „Representing Mimesis in Flaubert, Barthes and Auerbach“, Presentation at the Annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Associaton, Seattle; Seminar: „Popular, Prosaic, Profane“, March 2015