Rüdiger Campe

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Professor Germanic Language and Literature and Department Chair
100 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-6607


In 2015/2016, Rudiger Campe is teaching a course on the “Novel of the Institution” in the fall, and in the spring he is co-teaching, with Nicola Suthor, “Passions 1600-1800,” and, with Florian Fuchs, a course on text and image and their interpretation. He continues working on a book-length study on ‘communication’ and ‘empire’ in Goethe’s “Conversations of German Refugees” co-authored with Uwe Hebekus.

Selected recent Academic Awards and Achievements:            

  • 2014 Presentation of the Luebeck Lecture at the Ohio State University
  • 2013 Presentation of the Szondi-Lecture, FU Berlin
  • 2012-2014 Fellow, Whitney Humanities Center
  • 2011 Humboldt Research Award
  • 2007 Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin


  • 2007- Professor, Yale University
  • 2001-2007 Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Latest Books and Co-Edited Volumes:

Latest Article Publications:

  • Rhetoric’s Flirtation with Literature. From Gorgias to Aristotle: The Epideictic Genre. In  D. Hoffmann-Schwartz, B. N. Nagel, L. S. Stone (Ed.): Flirtations. Rhetoric and Aesthetics this Side of Seduction (Fordham, 2015), 37-50.
  • Kritik der Poetik, Theorie der Ästhetik. Zu einer Konstellation aus der Vorgeschichte des modernen Literaturwissens. In A. Allerkamp, P. V. Orozco, Sophie Witt (Ed.): Gegen/Stand der Kritik (diaphanes, 2015), 163-179.
  • Von Fall zu Fall. Goethes Werther, Büchners “Lenz”. In I. Mülder-Bach, M. Ott (Ed.): Was der Fall ist. Casus und Laspus (Fink, 2014), 33-55.
  • Vor dem Bild. Clemens Brentanos, Achim von Arnims und Heinrich von Kleists Empfindungen vor Friedrichs Seelandschaft. In L. Bader, G. Didi-Huberman, J. Grave (Ed.): Sprechen über Bilder. Sprechen in Bildern (Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2014), 51-71.

Latest Papers, Presentations, Reader’s Reports and Reviews:

  • April 2015. Kleist and the Prose of the World, ACLA, Panel: ‘Popular, Prose, Prophane.’
  • April 2015. The Fable Continued. The Palace of the Many Worlds in Leibniz’s Theodicy, University of Washington Seattle.
  • Mai 2015. Kleists Verfahren der Aktualität, University of Bonn.
  • July 2015. Kants Krise und Kleists Verfahren, University of Erfurt.
  • July 2015. Work on the ‚Scene of Writing‘: Old and New, Workshop Unversity of Erfurt.

complete list of publications, July 2014 (PDF)