Every Semester for over a decade, the department has offered weekly movie screenings free of charge to the Yale community, complete with popcorn! Fall  2019 screenings will be held throughout the semester. In the past, students have enjoyed watching such well-known movies as Donnersmarck’s The Lives of Others, Tykwer’s Run Lola run, Haneke’s The White Ribbon, and Fatih Akin’s Kebab Connection, which are also part of the undergraduate curriculum, but also recent movies by lesser known film-makers, such as Shoppen, Kokowäh, as well as the occasional famous Tatort thriller.

Movies will be shown with German or English subtitles. Light refreshments provided.

Schedule for Fall 2019:

Th September 5

Tu September 10

Th September 19

Tu September 24

Th October 3

Tu October 8

Th October 17

Tu October 22

Tu October 29

Th November 7

Tu November 12

Th November 21

Tu December 3