Shila Rahmani Coutard

Shila Rahmani Coutard's picture
Lector, Germanic Languages and Literatures

Shila’s courses are characterized by the focus on the practical implementation of the German language. She is convinced that language learning is primarily the ability of communication and that the study of grammar is secondary. Shila’s courses are interactive- Students often work in pairs or in changing groups, so that there is a maximum use of the language on the part of learners.

Shila works very closely with the Goethe-Institut New York and is involved in a variety of projects. In addition to regular lessons, Shila led courses of the Study Bridge in South America and North America. Furthermore, she was commissioned to prepare participants in the Career Bridge for a work-related training in Germany. Shila has led several courses for the CBYX- Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program and is currently working on the development of materials with GAPP- German American Partnership Program.

Shila has been teaching German at Yale since fall 2021 and has taught 110, 120 and 130 courses.