Recent Graduates

German Department Alumni:

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Jason Kavett

Figures of the Fleeting in Gryphius and Celan: A Study on the Return of the Baroque in Modernity
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Bard College

Joshua Alvizu

Montage Praxis: Militant Modernism and the German-Soviet Avant-Garde

Janett Buell

Body, Space, Interaction: Notions of Human Experience in North American and German Media Theory and Popular Culture

Florian Fuchs

The Afterlife of Ars Topica: On the Pragmatism and Agency of Short Narrative Forms
Current Position: Lector, Yale Department of Germanic Langauges and Literatures


Patrick Reagan

The Contested Community: European Auteur Cinema at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Marc Petersdorff
Julia Gutterman

Current Position: Lecturer, University of Virginia


Anna Henke

Taking the World by Storm: Forgiveness in Walter Benjamin’s Early Works
Current position: Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis, RCHA Postdoctoral Fellow
Former: Visiting Assistant Professor, Elon University


Hans Lind
Regime der Aisthesis. Zur Medialitaet der Zauberfloete. Schikaneder. Goethe. Walser. Bergman
Current position: Lecturer, Yale University Summer Session

Alexander Gardner
Citation in the Realm of the Deed: Readings of Heine, Buechner, and Celan
Current Position: Professor, Santa Monica College; Professor, Los Angeles Valley College

Jan Claas van Treeck
Walter Serner-Hochstapler: Ein Moderne-Verfahren
Current position: wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, Humboldt-Universität Berlin

Martin Wagner
Narrate, Describe, or Observe: Scientific Observation and Narrations of the Visual from Alain-René Lesage to Arthur Conan Doyle.
Current position: Assistant Professor of German, University of Calgary
Former: Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Yonsei University, Underwood International College, South Korea


Manuel Clemens
The Labyrinth of Aesthetic Solitude. A Small Theory of Bildung
Current position: Instructor, Germanic Languages and Literatures Program, Rutgers University
Former: Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter; Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City


Laura J. Bohn
The Habsburg Self? Narrative Perspective and Linguistic Identity in Robert Musil’s Tonka, Herta Müller’s Niederungen and Reisende auf einem Bein, and Terézia Mora’s Alle Tage”.        
Current position: Wheaton College, Visiting Assistant Professor

Jason Groves
Erratic: Fictions of Movement in Goethe, Stifter, and Benjamin.
Current position: University of Washington, Seattle, Assistant Professor of Germanics
Former: Yale University, Postdoctoral Associate in the Integrated Humanities

Jonas Karlsson
Richard Wagner and the Rise of German Anti-Semitism.
Current position: Clark College, Visiting Assistant Professor

Kristina Mendicino
Interrupting the Origin: Hegel, Humboldt and Hölderlin’s Prophecies of Language
Current position: Brown University, Assistant Professor

Bryn M. Savage
Collecting Tradition: Modernity, Material Culture, and German Poetry Anthologies, 1765-1795.
Current position: Seattle, client relations, publishing

Gabriela Stoicea
Narrating Bodies: Physiognomy and Its Afterlife in the German Novel, 1775-1930.
Current position: Assistant Professor of German, Clemson University, tenure track


Nora Gortcheva
Modern Spaces and Cinema: Movie Theaters and City Films in Wilhelmine and Weimar Berlin.
Current Position: Visiting Lecturer in German Studies and Film, Mount Holyoke College

Ansgar Mohnkern
Goethes “Fortgepflanztes” - Metapher. Wiederholung. Reim. Form Studien zur Unbegrifflichkeit.
Current: University of Amsterdam, Assistant Professor

Stewart L. Murrey
Tragic Light and Language: An Exploration of the Mystical Depth and Limits of Hölderlin’s “Second Bacchus”.

Brangwen J. Stone
Heimkehr? Narratives of Return to Central and Eastern Europe in German Literature.
Current position: Macquarie University, Sydney, Tenure Track Position

Ellwood H. Wiggins
To Grasp the Minds of Men: Performing Recognition.
Current position: University of Washington, Seattle, Assistant Professor


Melissa E. Ingersoll
Enlightenment Engendered: Performative Contradictions in the Periodicals of Johann Georg Jacobi, Sophie von La Roche, and Christoph Martin Wieland. 
Current position: High School Teacher, Waldshut-Tiengen, Germany 


Alicia E. Ellis
Gender, Narrative and Revision: An Analysis of Heinrich von Kleist’s Penthesilea and Franz Grillparzer’s Sappho and Medea.
Current position: Hampshire College, Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature
Former: University of Chicago, Provost’s Postdoctoral Scholar in Germanic Studies (2012-2014)


Martin C. Blumenthal-Barby
Acts of Sovereignty: Müller Kafka Benjamin New German Cinema Arendt.
Current position: Rice University, Assistant Professor

Qinna Shen
From Jacob Grimm to GDR-Witches:  Feminist Witchcraft and Magical Realism in East German Women’s Writing.
Current position: Assistant Professor of German, Bryn Mawr College
Former: Miami University (Ohio), Visiting Assistant Professor; Loyola University Maryland, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese and German

Anna C. Souchouk
The Problem with Gemütlichkeit: (De)Constructing Artificial Places in the Novels of Josef Haslinger, Robert Menasse, and Elfriede Jelinek.
Current position: DePaul University, Assistant Professor


Judith G. Benz
Charakterisierung, Funktion und Repräsentation der Artusfigur in Wolframs von Eschenbach Parzival und Adolf Muschgs Der Rote Ritter. Eine Geschichte von Parzivâl.
Current position: Juniata College, Assistant Professor of German


Kristen M. Hylenski
Dance and the Dancer in Early Twentieth Century German Literature:  Hofmannsthal, Wedekind, Hauptmann.
Current position: University of Minnesota Duluth, Assistant Professor


Laura J. Heins
The Domestic War:  Film Melodrama and German Fascism.
Current position: University of Virginia, Assistant Professor

Tessa Lee
The Question of Heimat: Identity and Alterity in Contemporary German Literature and Film.
Current position: Wheaton College, Associate Professor of German, Chair of German Studies


Esther K. Bauer
Geschlechterrollen und begehrte Körper in Romanen Franz Kafkas, Thomas Manns und Vicki Baums.
Current position: Virginia Tech, Assistant Professor

Lisa Silverman
The Transformation of Jewish Identity in Vienna, 1918-1938.
Current position: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Associate Professor of History and Jewish Studies


Jennifer Driscoll Colosimo
Two Representations of the Criminal in the Works of Friedrich Schiller.
Current position: University of Puget Sound, Visiting Assistant Professor


Helen J. Ferstenberg
Meditations on Jewish Creative Identity:  Representations of the Jewish Artist in the Works of German-Jewish Writers from Heine to Feuchtwanger.
Current position: Newcastle University, Teacher