“Out of Exile”, The Photography of Fred Stein - Film Screening & Discussion with Filmmaker Peter Stein

Friday, March 1, 2024 - 5:00pm
Alice Theatre, HQ L01, 320 York Street, New Haven
The award-winning film “Out of Exile - The Photography of Fred Stein” traces a German-Jewish life of exile. Fred Stein was born in Dresden, but had to flee the Nazi menace in 1933. Finding himself a refugee in Paris, in need of a profession, he became a photographer, with a remarkable eye. He was a pioneer of the art of street photography. When the war threw the world into turmoil again, he escaped across the war-torn countryside, and managed to get on one of the last boats to leave Marseilles. He made it to New York, and his artistry expanded in the freedom of the New World. His photographs are a brilliant record of the mid-20th Century, and a powerful response to oppression. The hate and hardships he faced did not drag his spirit down. The glory of his photographs lies in his ability to transcend time and cultural difference; to see the truth of the moment. Peter Stein, his son, will discuss his own long struggle to bring his father’s name back to recognition, and the making of the film. 
Discussion with filmmaker Peter Stein after the film, followed by a reception in the lobby.
With support from The Edward J. and Dorothy Clarke Kempf Fund at Yale University