Paul North

Research Areas

Critical Theory, History of Philosophy, German literatures, Latin American literature and thought, Psychoanalysis, Franz Kafka, Walter Benjamin, Karl Marx


Paul North writes and teaches in the tradition of critical theory, emphasizing Jewish thought, emancipatory strains in the history of philosophy, and European literatures. He has written books on the concept of distraction, on Franz Kafka, and on likeness in culture and thought. Currently he is co-editing an edition Marx’s Capital volume 1 with a new translation, which will appear from Princeton University Press in 2024 and writing a monograph entitled “The Standpoint of Marx’s Capital.” He co-edits the book series IDIOM: thinkingwritingtheory at Fordham University Press and co-directs the international exchange, Critical Theory in the Global South, in collaboration with faculty at the Universidad Metropolitana de Sciencias de la Educación in Santiago, Chile.

Highlighted Publications

“Two Attacks on Attention.” Politics of Curiosities. Alternatives to the Attention Economy. Ed. Enrico Campo and Yves Citton. Routledge (forthcoming 2023).
“Some Images in Nietzsche’s Zarathustra.” Cambridge Studies in Literature and Philosophy: Nietzsche and Literary Studies. Ed. James I. Porter. Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2023).
“Time is a Word in Celan.” Crisis and Critique. Vol 9 Issue 1. 31-08-2022
Bizarre Privileged Items in the Universe: The Logic of Likeness. Zone Books (2021).
“Franz Kafka’s ‘Up on the Balcony’.” Dialogue with Vivian Liska. Performance Research. Vol 26. No. 3. (May 2021).