Marion Gehlker

Research Interests

Content-based FLT, Campus-based Approaches, Social Justice Issues in FLT, Environmental Issues in FLT, History in Text and Film in FLT, Teaching with Graphic Novels


Marion Gehlker designs content-based and campus-based inspired advanced language classes on German history and culture, such as “Multi-Culturalism (Turkish German, Afro-Germans, Russian Jews, Russland-Deutsche, Refugees), “Kaiserreich and Weimar Republic,” “Green Germany: History and Culture of Sustainability,” and “Architecture, Art and Social Justice” (forthcoming). She is currenly working on the didacticization of Alina Bronsky’s novel Scherbenpark (2004) for Intermediate German, third text in a series published by Yale University Press. She teaches Advanced German, Contemporary German Culture, German Culture and History in Text and Film, German for Reading Knowledge for Research. She also enriches the cultural program for all language classes through extra-curricular activities. In 2012 she received a stipend to attend AAUSC/CERLL Summer Workshop “Implementing Literacy-based Instruction in Collegiate FL Programs” in Tuscon, Arizona and in 2007 she received a publication grant form the Frederick W. Hilles Publication Fund, Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University.


Yale Advanced German Courses Coordinator, Yale German Study Abroad Coordinator
2001-2012 Language Program Director, Dept. of Germanic Lang. & Lit., Yale University

Highlighted Research Activity & Publications

Annotated Readers (Yale University Press): 
Caroline Link’s filmbook Jenseits der Stille (Beyond Silence), with Birte Christ, 2010. 
Barbara Honigmann’s novel Eine Liebe aus nichts (A Love Out of Nothing), with Birte Christ, 2008. 
Readers/Textbooks for Intermediate German I & II, “Literatur und Kultur I & II”, (self-published 2006-12)