Rüdiger Campe

Research Areas

Rhetoric and Aesthetics, Literature and Science, Law and Literature, Baroque Theater, The Modern Novel, The Writing Scene


In 2021-2022, Rüdiger Campe is finishing a book length study on the German scientist and philosopher, author of the Sudelbücher (waste books) Georg Christoph Lichtenberg. He teaches a graduate course on Robert Musil and the Proseminar in Comparative Literature, and an undergraduate course on German Novels after 1945.

2016- Professor of Comparative Literature, Yale University
2007- Professor of German, Yale University
2001-2007 Professor of German, Johns Hopkins University

Highlighted Publications

Recent publications
“The Most Profound Confirmation of the Existence of a Dissonance”: Émile Boutroux, Georg Simmel, and Lukács’s Theory of the Novel, with an Outlook to History and Class Consciousness, New German Critique 149 (2023), 49-70.
Humanities nach den Geisteswissenschaften, Deutsche Vierteljahresschaft für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte 97 (2023), 23-32.
Fürsprache als rhetorische Sprechsituation, Rhetoriken zwischen Recht und Literatur, ed. M. Wagner-Egelhaaf, Berlin: Metzler 2023. S. 29-48.
Ongoing projects
In the Domain of Figuration, a collection of essays on rhetoric in early modernity and Lichtenbergs Schreibszene. Die Phänomene und das Ende der Evidenz.