Maximilian Chaoulideer

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Max Chaoulideer joined the Yale German Department in 2014. He received his BA in Philosophy and German at the University of Chicago in 2013 where he wrote his thesis on death in Martin Heidegger’s Sein und Zeit.

His dissertation, Ecstatic Politics: A Phenomenology of the Fabric of Climate Change, explores the possibilities of political empowerment and responsibility in recent calls to “environmentalize” the human when understood as a language for de-centralized political entanglements. By bringing phenomenological description and narrative form to bear on contemporary discussions in political ecology and second-wave ecocriticism, he argues environmentality cannot simply name the material envelopment of a subject by its environs and must instead describe the threads of complicity, vulnerability, and empowerment that form the fabric of a self-determining community in an interdependent and fragile world. Through close readings of Martin Heidegger, Hans Fallada, Hannah Arendt, and John Bellamy Foster, his dissertation follows the emancipatory and democratizing possibilities afforded by a shift from environmental to “ecstatic” analysis.

His research and teaching interests include theories of embodiment; discourses and representations of ecology and environmentality; guilt in post-war Germany; critical pedagogy and the classroom as a space of negotiating power and the possibility of radical equity; aesthetic authority and authenticity; phenomenology; and a variety of interdisciplinary issues in the environmental humanities.