Eric Braeuner, Branford College, Class of 2020

Eric grew up in an Austrian-American household, with German being the only common language between himself and his grandparents. Upon attending Yale, Eric wanted to take courses with a focus on German history while simultaneously improving his German speaking skills in an academic setting. Alongside German courses, Eric got involved with the Yale German department via German theater productions and Kaffeeklatsch. Eric also sought to apply his German skills in a professional setting, pursuing an internship at a bank in Austria during his sophomore summer. Eric ultimately decided to double major in Economics and German Studies, using his German language abilities to write separate German-related theses for both majors – “The Impacts of Privatization on Former East German State-Owned Enterprises” for Economics and “Austria’s Rightward Shift” for German Studies. Eric now lives in New York City, and still uses his German skills to communicate with relatives, visit Austria on a regular basis, and stay current on German business and political matters.