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On these pages you can find all the information you need to plan a course of study in German language, literature, and culture at Yale. We hope you find the courses, people, themes, trips, and events here that fulfill your interests. If you need any further help or have questions or proposals, please contact me, the DUS, or any of the other people listed below. We’re happy to talk with you.

Paul North

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Language Program Director
Theresa Schenker

German at Yale is a rigorous and engaging program that emphasizes the combined study of language, literature, critical theory, and the history of thought. Both within the U.S. and abroad, our faculty has an established reputation for scholarly excellence. We are also very focused on undergraduate teaching. Comfortably sized seminars and language sections allow students to work closely with faculty and graduate student instructors. During their studies students are exposed to diverse historical contexts and numerous literary and cultural inheritances, from Germany, but also from Austria and Switzerland, as well as other non-national frontiers and exiles. The full range of German is not limited to the language classroom or even to any one field. For us, “German” exists only through interdisciplinary reflection and exchange, in conversation with European and other traditions. The study of German is inconceivable without consideration of music, philosophy, history, art history, film, psychology, classics, religious studies, and political science, among other fields and viewpoints, and these often figure in our courses, scholarship, and lectures.

An important part of our mission is to provide students at all levels with training in every aspect of the German language. We are dedicated to a communicative language approach and our classes emphasize not only the development of in-depth language skills, but also the promotion of intercultural competence. Students studying German will find a variety of courses to advance at their own pace. Different study abroad options are available at different stages of the language program and allow students to strengthen their language skills and immerse themselves in the culture of German-speaking countries. A strong cultural program complements our language offerings and enables students to become members of a community of German language speakers both inside and outside of the classroom, through guest lectures, workshops, movie series, coffee hour and other events.

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