Recent Senior Essays

Recent Senior Essays in German and German Studies


“The Ecstatic Bloom of Berlin Techno: The Historical and Sociocultural Significance of Techno In Berlin from the Partition of Germany to the Post-reunification Era”
Mars Adams
Advisors: Vanessa Ogle & Sophie Schweiger

“Stuck in the Mud Volker Braun, Der Schlamm and the Subversive Critique of the East German Government through Literature”
Liam Garrett
Advisor: Katie Trumpener

“The Alternative für Deutschland’s Dilemma With Women”
Sophia Hahn
Advisor: Professor Jennifer Allen

“Colours of Their Own Mixing: Zweig, Scott, and ‘Der Kampf um den Südpol’”
Sabrina Mellinghoff
Advisor: Kirk Wetters


“Phänomenologie Des Griechischen Geistes: Die Antikenreise in Faust II
Antonio Cilibrizzi
Advisor: Kirk Wetters

“Stigmatization and State Surveillance of Cisgender male Homosexuality in Former East Germany”
Evan Farmer


“American Soldiers in West Germany: German-American Cooperation During the Cold War 1945-1955”
Advisor: Theresa Schenker


“A Question of Hope: A Close Reading of Prometheus by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”
Helen Martin Tuggle


“The Stasi: A Security Force Ahead of its Time”
Hannah Geressu

“Against Secularization: Cosmological Theories of Modernity in The Dialectic of Enlightenment and The Legitimacy of the Modern Age”
Courtney Hodrick

“The Possibility of Limited Freedom in Kafka’s ‘Report for an Academy’ ”
Yulia Vozzheva

“Democracy Behind Bars: The German Experience of British Re-Education at Wilton Park”
Anna-Sophia Harling


“Fine-Tuning the Soprano: Mathilde Marchesi and the re-crafting of the late nineteenth-century opera singer”
Sylvia Leith