Study Abroad

Dear Students,

Are you ready to apply your German knowledge and expand your cultural horizons in real life Germany?

The Yale German Department has many opportunities for study in major cities in Germany, both during the academic year and over the summer. The department organizes full-credit summer study in Berlin and non-credit courses in four cities in Baden-Württemberg: Heidelberg, Tübingen, Freiburg, and Konstanz. Students can also participate in semester or year-long programs run by German institutions or other U.S. universities or colleges.

While overseas, students form lasting attachments to host families, to lively cities or picturesque towns, to a particular painting in a museum or an out of the way bookshop. Often they return again and again to Germany in the years to follow, sometimes for careers in education, environmental action, the arts, engineering, or business. Study abroad allows them to leap ahead in their abilities and often in their language level when they return from abroad.

We highly encourage all students of German to spend time abroad during their period of study. Such travel is extremely valuable not only for achieving comfortable fluency in the language, but also for gaining a first-hand knowledge of the culture, customs, and people. We have programs available for students at different language levels and are happy to provide additional information.

For information about the the New Haven/Berlin program (GMAN130/140), please contact Theresa Schenker, For information about the Baden-Württemberg Exchange, other study abroad, internship and funding opportunities please contact Marion Gehlker,


Marion Gehlker, Study Abroad Coordinator

International Tool Kit

For more information about study and travel abroad, please review the International Tool Kit. The Toolkit provides important resources and information to students, faculty, and staff who are currently traveling abroad or preparing to travel abroad.