German Advanced Language Certificate

The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures now offers an Advanced Language Certificate in German. The official policy can be found in the Yale College Programs of Study bulletin. To qualify, you must satisfy the following criteria:

Students must take four (4) courses beyond L4, at least two (2) of which must be Yale courses designated as L5;

  1. Courses must be taken for a grade (no Credit/D/Fail);
  2. Grades must be B or above;
  3. At the discretion of the certificate advisor, students may substitute credit-bearing academic study abroad taught in German;
  4. At the discretion of the certificate advisor, one course conducted in German and at the appropriate, advanced level may be counted. Qualifying courses might include Directed Readings or courses taught in German that do not carry the L5 designation.

If you wish to pursue the certificate, please complete the Yale College Declaration of Candidacy for a Certificate form which will add the certificate to your Degree Audit. 

For more information, you may email the German DUS and copy the department registrar, Becca Stevens. Please refer to the Yale College Programs of Study for full guidelines.