CT/BW Exchange Program

Baden-Württemberg Summer Exchange Program

Spend the month of August studying German language and culture with international students and explore the nearby environment through cultural excursions and participation in sports and other cultural activities. Tuition and room are paid for!

The German Department at Yale offers summer study programs of 4 weeks in August in Heidelberg, Tübingen, Freiburg or Konstanz

Contact Marion Gehlker with question

  • Duration: 4 weeks in August (dates vary at different locations)
  • Eligible: undergraduates & graduate students, preference given to German majors, students taking Yale German courses
  • Program covers: tuition of language program, dorm room rent. 
  • All other costs (transportation, food, insurance, etc.) are the responsibility of the award recipients.
  • Partial funding of transatlantic flight: upon return to Yale: reimbursement after successful attendance of a language course (proof of attendance), application for travel fund (provided by the department)
  • Application: Applications will be available in February (description of German background, statement of intent: academic + personal interests)
  • Application deadline: Friday, March 8, 2024


BW Summer Exchange Program Application

Informational Session

Tuesday, February 6, 2024
1-2pm, HQ 359
Dates for Summer 2024

(Please note arrival and departure time may be different from actual course time)

University of Freiburg

August 2 - 29

University of Freiburg Website

University of Heidelberg

August 1 - 28

University of Heidelberg Website

University of Konstanz/IBH Summer School

July 29 - August 21 (2 weeks on Zoom/2 weeks in Konstanz)

University of Tübingen

August 5 - 30

University of Tubingen Website

For further information and information about other programs, please contact the BW summer study abroad & internship coordinator Marion Gehlker, marion.gehlker@yale.edu.